Keep it up! Simple ways to improve your stamina

Every man wants to think of himself as a sex god. And at The Private Club, we’re sure you already are. Why else would you be attending one of our sexy gangbang parties if you don’t already have the prowess of Casanova himself? But with so many hot and horny ladies ready, wet and waiting to experience your stellar performance, it’s easy to get a little over-excited perhaps not perform to your best. Don’t fret though. We have some expert tips to help you keep your pecker up!


Get swallowing! Spunk is good for you

Spit or swallow? At The Private Club, we’re sure that’s a conversation you’ve had at least once with at least one lady. We know that many women aren’t keen on the idea of swallowing your spunk. Not fair, is it? Well, maybe we can help.