Let’s get ready to rumble!

If you haven’t visited The Private Club before, you might be wondering if there’s anything special you should do to prepare. We want you to have the sexiest time possible at our six weekly gangbang events, so we’ve put this little guide together to help you out.

Clean cut

You might like the designer stubble look, but our horny hosts don’t! If you’re into eating our lovely ladies’ pussies, then making sure your chin doesn’t have the texture of sandpaper is pretty important. They don’t like getting their delicate areas shredded by your face fungus!

Well-groomed, established, soft beards and mustaches are absolutely fine. But day-old whiskers are like a cheese grater on a peach. So make sure your face is as smooth as a baby’s bum before trying any muff-diving!


Down under

Hair might feel soft when you run your hands through it, but newly cut strands are like needles. Ask any barber! Your short and curlies are no different. Our stunning girls don’t care if you’re into grooming your man bush, or leaving it au naturale, as long as there’s no sharp ends – or stubble.

If you decide to tidy your testicles, scissors are NOT the way to do it. For our hosts, it’s like getting pricked with a pack load of pins, especially if you fancy it doggy style. Either leave it alone, or remove it all. And, just like your face, if you opt for the naked look, then make sure you’ve had a good shave beforehand.

Fresh equals fruity

You’re going to be getting up close and personal. No-one wants to get close to anyone who’s smelling less than fresh, so jump in that shower and get scrubbing! Your little man needs special attention, especially around its head. You’ll get a better blow job when you taste good! But don’t overdo the aftershave – our sexy hosts like to be able to breathe.

Now you’re all ready to go, make sure you cum and play at one of The Private Club’s gangbangs soon!



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