Meet our hosts – Dulcie

At The Private Club, Birmingham, only the hottest, horniests hosts in the Midlands lead our six weekly gangbang sex parties. What else would you expect from the UK’s best kept secret?

You may have enjoyed the pleasure of their, ahem, company, but our gorgeous ladies are more than just great tits and wet pussies. So, we thought, why don’t we get the girls to tell us a bit about themselves, starting with the delicious Dulcie.

Personal info

  • Name: Dulcie
  • Vital stats: 34DD-30-34
  • Height: 5’6”
  • Age: a lady never says!
  • Hair: red
  • Eyes: blue
  • Twitter: @Dulcie_deedee
  • Adultwork profile: Dulcie_DeeDee
So, Dulcie, how long have you worked at the Private Club?

On this occasion, since August 2017, but I actually worked here back in 2011-12.

Wow, that long ago. What kept you away so long?

Life! Little things like work, studying, and emigrating.

And what brought you back?

I missed all you horny guys of course! Why else?

What did you miss most?

Getting gangbanged! I’m a total exhibitionist and a very greedy girl. I love having a cock in each hand, one in my mouth and one in my pussy, and being watched. And the bigger the cocks, the better. Size definitely matters to me!

IMG_2617 edit small

Do you have a favourite position?

I haven’t found a position yet that I don’t like, but I love getting pounded hard in doggy.

Do you have any party tricks?

Two cocks in my pussy. Haven’t done it for ages, actually. Wonder if I can find some willing guys…

What’s been your best sexual experience?

Hmm, can’t decide between two. One was at Chameleons, where I was tied up and spanked by two hot brunettes while I gagged on their partners’ cocks. The other was at the Private Club when I got fucked by the biggest cock I’ve ever seen – over a foot long, thicker than a Coke can. I was screaming with pleasure!

Screaming with pleasure? Well, that’s not unusual is it…

Well, I might be known for being a bit noisy when I’m having fun. I did once have a complaint for being off-puttingly loud.


What’s your best feature?

I get a lot of compliments on my tits. They’re a natural 34DD with very sensitive nipples. My ass seems to be pretty popular too. If I was choosing it would be my eyes, but they’re not as much fun!

When you’re not working at the Club, what do you do?

As well as writing this blog, I love cooking, entertaining, and dancing. I’m a bit of a country girl as well, so you’ll often find me tramping across the fields with my dog. I usually end up in front of a fire in a country pub with a glass of wine, talking rubbish to the locals!


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