Keep it up! Simple ways to improve your stamina

Every man wants to think of himself as a sex god. And at The Private Club, we’re sure you already are. Why else would you be attending one of our sexy gangbang parties if you don’t already have the prowess of Casanova himself?

But with so many hot and horny ladies ready, wet and waiting to experience your stellar performance, it’s easy to get a little over-excited perhaps not perform to your best. Don’t fret though. We have some expert tips to help you keep your pecker up!


As we’ve said before – use it or lose it! As well as getting fitter, it’ll improve your sexual stamina. You’ll be able to keep pumping for longer, and a little weight lifting will help you hold those sex positions for longer.

Elvis the pelvis

Even heard of the PC muscle? Possibly not. The PC or pubococcygeus muscle attaches your pubic bone to the tailbone. Exercising this muscle and strengthening will make your cock harder, make you last longer and, even better, cum harder and longer, and it takes just a few moments effort a day. Simply tighten it for as long as you can, let go, and repeat. Not sure how to find it? Next time you pee, stop the flow, and note where you feel the muscle.


Penis push-ups

‘What?’ we hear you asking. Well, your cock is a muscle too, and it can also get stronger. Get yourself hard, then drape a small, dry towel over it. Using your PC muscle, try to lift your cock. Once you’re powerlifting that, move it up a level by wetting the towel. If you really want to get a trouser six-pack, upgrade to a larger towel. Five minutes a day a few times a week will soon have you packing.

Wanking hand

Need an excuse to knock out a hand shandy? Then here it is. Wanking and a bit of cum denial will help you hold back when you’re getting the real thing. Bring yourself to the edge of orgasm, then stop. Gripping your cock at the base until the urge to cum passes will assist you in resisting the need to shoot your load. Repeat three to five times.


If all else fails, then why not try a little medicinal help? At The Private Club you can purchase Kamagra at the counter in pill or gel form. They’re sure to keep you going all night!

And when you’re ready to demonstrate your new sexual endurance, strut your way down to one of The Private Club’s six weekly gangbangs, where you’re sure to have our lovely girls screaming in pleasure.


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